Cancelled Stop
project with 6 videos and 6 photographs, 2013

exhibition Zrušená zastávka (Cancelled Stop), Ateliér Josefa Sudka Gallery, Prague 2013

A cancellation of this or that stop is an everyday banality which we encounter continuously and usually we do not pay much attention to it. Actually - only until the cancellation actually starts to interfere with our everyday routine. Then it earns all our aversion and critique. But it can happen to us that we encounter a cancelled stop quite suddenly, unexpectedly at a place we know very well, a place we return to after many years. Then our reaction is surprise sparking off a torrent of memories. That which we used to regard as common is now absent, which makes us feel nostalgic and melancholic.

Works of Adéla Leinweberová are balancing on the edge of banality - something which is common and overlooked - and an emotional catalyser. By means of her camera we become the onlookers, voyeurs of small everyday run-of-the-mill affairs, in which there is nothing unusual, and yet they carry a positive pathos. It does not matter whether the scene is taken out of Prague, Barcelona, or Venice.

In her video-poems which are in majority of cases almost static, Adéla watches an individuality, its involuntary loneliness as well as its endeavour to overcome it. She does not construct anything, she only makes selections from images that surround her. In the videos she only presents a world to which she aesthetically adds photographs of window draperies, and symbolically completes it with the object of a deserted hornet nest.

By means of its installation, the exhibition attempts to reverse the old habits connected to the Ateliér of Josef Sudek, therefore stimulating the viewer to notice the banal in a brand new light. With her good-spirited humour as well as light irony, Adéla Leinweberová reveals in her works strong emotions linked with confidentiality and intimacy, and creates here a non-obvious monologue of works which are studies of loneliness from a great deal of its angles: unwantedness, undeservedness, or - by contrast - necessity.

Tereza Jindrová, curator of the exhibition
(translation: Linda Fořtová)

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Zrušená zastávka